Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hello world. I thought I'd update on my life.

Life is tough. And different. And I'm struggling. But I'm hanging in there, seriously by the grace of God. He has blessed me with amazing family and friends who support me through it all, and it's the only reason that I can sustain the somewhat normal state that I do now.

I miss San Diego alot. I miss my roommate/apartmentmates, I miss my small group boys(both church and kcm), I miss seeworld, I miss my other friends. I don't know what I'd do without internet and being able to chat with everyone and stuff haha.

But life is good. Working a full time job is tough, and eating habits get bad :( I haven't gained weight, but I gained fat. I feel slow and sluggish. Luckily Jeff gave me a 24 hour fitness membership that he's not using right now so I can use it whenever I want. They have a basketball court there too! And black people o_O I hate being short and asian. Oh well.

More to come later. I'm excited for Hillsongs! April 21st :D

And on a random note. Kobe Bryant is amazing. This guy just dominates and inflicts his will up and down the court. Insane! I hope I can get Lakers tickets!!