Monday, March 23, 2009


The past couple weeks have been full of chaos and turmoil. But they have also been full of grace, love, and joy. For those of you who haven't heard yet, my dad passed away on March 5th, about 2 and a half weeks ago. He was a great man and an awesome father. It's such a blessing for me to be able to share that he was saved; he recommitted his life to Christ recently. I actually found out at the funeral, which is kind of crazy. Prior to that I'd been feeling uncertainty and doubt. I tried to take solace in God's sovereignty, but it was hard to think that it was part of God's plan for my dad to suffer in eternity. But - He is good. He is faithful. And his plan is perfect. Through all the sadness and through all the tears, God has been there for me and my family, and I can truly say that I am so blessed.

But it is by no means getting easier. I thought with time things would ease up, but things have just gotten more and more difficult. Trials are hitting me left and right, and I feel Satan's unrelenting blows. It's true that you can NEVER let your guard down. Satan will wait for you to let your guard down and try to cheap shot you. What kind of coward would use this kind of situation to take advantage of you when you're down, right? But Satan is definitely capable of doing that. Already some of the employees at my dad's restaurants are taking advantage of the situation to benefit themselves (stealing, shady business, etc.) How then, would Satan not be capable of such evil? Sin is lame.

Anyways, like I said, things are only getting more difficult, and this pattern will continue in the months to come. Please pray for me and my family! We need it so much right now. Not that any of us ever need God more in one time than any other, it's just that our need for God is so much more evident in this time of trials.

This entry was unorganized and not well written. But it's ok, I'm just writing my jumbled thoughts. Just thought I'd blow the dust off this thing and use it since I neglected it for a while.

Psalms 18:2. Look it up, brothers and sisters! <3

I will write more later.


  1. wow, yong. i'm sorry for the loss of your father. but it's such a huge testimony to God's faithfulness. it's really evident that God has granted you His wisdom to be able to distinguish His work from the work of Satan.
    " I am full of joy over you; but I want you to be wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil. The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet." romans 16:19b-20a
    i'll be praying.

  2. Not that any of us ever need God more in one time than any other, it's just that our need for God is so much more evident in this time of trials.

    I like that. Yong, the passing of your father, I imagine, is a tough time. The restaurants have been left behind to your mom and you, you're still fairly young in college. But I'm encouraged to see that you can still say that you've been blessed and that you'll stay strong.

    I am absolutely joyful to hear that your dad recommitted himself to Christ and was ultimately saved. Dare I say, it's such a joyous moment, to realize that your dad has finally left this cruel world to join our Heavenly father in perfection.

  3. hey yong. i heard you have some of our videos. i also heard you're considering posting them up. well, although i prefer neither, i think "3! 4!" would be less, mmm, stumbling than the other.... just by song choice HAHAHA see ya soon