Thursday, March 18, 2010

Completely random, probably not worth reading. Actually, go ahead and don't read this entry at all. It's just for me. Drawn in? Too bad :)

I'm sitting here at Geisel library on 7th floor, where it's supposed to be near dead quiet. The people are mostly silent, but the air conditioning is roaring incessantly, and even my in-ear skull candy earphones can't silence the noise of these monsters. I wonder how much electricity and power is used on producing the cold air that's constantly (and unnecessarily, at least at the moment) blasting right next to where I'm sitting. I'm already settled down and don't want to disrupt my study flow by moving.

Today, at 7pm, will mark my last final for the school year. Hmm. I want to write something here, but I'd rather not share it. Eh, that one I'll just keep to myself. I'm almost ready to ace this final. This spring break, and the few months following it, for that matter, are going to be grueling and tough, and I feel uneasy at the uncertainty of...everything. But in the past day or so I was rebuked by my lack of faith. At the first sight of a storm, I forgot about the power of my almighty God and was reduced to relying on myself, fearful of a cloudy and unclear future in which subconsciously I believed I was in control of. Really, little to nothing is in my power, and I can only lift it up to God and realize that He's holding me and my circumstances. I'm reminded time and again that "my" life isn't about me, it's about Him. I think I'll conclude here, so I don't end up failing my final. I will return soon! God is good. All the time.


  1. I didn't read it. You're welcome.

  2. i read it. WHAT DID YOU WANT TO SHARE!!

    we can move mountains if we have the faith of a mustard seed. not because of our faith, but the object of our faith!! <3