Thursday, September 24, 2009

hatred. anger. violence. love.

School starts tomorrow. I'd be excited for class, but mine got cancelled due to the school protests. Apparently, people are outraged at budget cuts and whatnot so there's a UC-wide walkout. Oh well, one more day of summer for me I guess haha.

Anyways, the school year has now arrived. I'm preparing myself for battle. There is still so much to work on! Lately I've been praying that God would instill in me a hatred for sin - A genuine, undying, deep down to my flesh and bones, super strong, abhorrence for sin. I sincerely pray that God would give me an attitude of violence towards sin. So when I sense sin starting to rear it's ugly head, I picture me punching, kicking, stabbing, stomping, or doing whatever to beat it back down. One time I imagined using a shovel to beat sin down.

You might think this is weird or unorthodox, and I suppose you're right. But a general doesn't win a war against an enemy by using the same old tactics over and over again, especially if they're unsuccessful. The greatest generals win wars using cunning, intellect, and devising new and extraordinary tactics that normal people don't think of.

Whatever works, right?

If you think about it, it's pretty atrocious that I, a humble and foolish sinner, would even dare to dream of offending a holy God like ours.

Don't worry, my violence and hatred is only being manifested against sin, so you guys are safe. haha :)


  1. Let's get MMA on sin and get it in a chokehold.

  2. YONG! it's ok. God gave us an imagination to glorify Him with it. Good work!